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Farrell Area School District RFP Information

Current Requests for Proposal can be accessed from the links below. Printed copies can also be picked up at the Farrell Area School District Administrative Office.

Updates to Lease for Multifunctional Devices RFP

Update 1/12/23:
Average monthly fax usage (pages)
Elementary Office180160
High School Office130190
Central Administration Office3585
High School Guidance Office3020
High School Special Education Office1560

Answers to vendor questions

Update 1/18/23:
Q: Is FASD only looking for a full cloud electronic fax solution or will consideration of an electronic fax “server” application with increased feature functionality and security & compliance such as “RightFax” be acceptable solution?
A: The District will accept proposals for both types of solution, however, strongly prefers to not have the need to run a server application on-premises.

Q: How many existing fax numbers would need to be ported? 
A: Five

Q: Would FASD like to have faxes sent & received via email? 
A: Yes

Q: Is it acceptable to have “stored” copy on fax contained in your email client? 
A: Yes

Q: Is fax integration with Student Information System (SIS) required? 
A: No

Q: Is security & compliance of “high importance”? 
A: In cases where student and staff privacy is required, the District encourages the use of secure and compliant communication methods such as email. The District will consider proposed fax solutions that at minimum meet the same level of security and compliance as its email platform.

Q: Does FASD have voice Telco SIP environment? 
A: No

Q: Does FASD utilize Telco connected with PRI/T1? 
A: Yes
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