Elementary and High School - Remote Instruction Only
Farrell Area Elementary and High School will cease in person instruction and begin remote learning effective immediately. In person instruction will resume on Monday, December 7, 2020.

If you have any questions or need to retrieve any of your child's materials, please call the elementary school office at 724-509-1114 or high school office at 724-509-1245 prior to coming to the building.

Please see this article for additional information.


Live Streaming Information

Due to COVID-19 health and safety restrictions in place, spectators at school-sponsored athletic events will be extremely limited or not possible at all. As a result, we will be providing a live stream of home games, when possible. All live streams and other athletics videos will be posted to the district's athletics YouTube channel. You can subscribe to the channel using the link below.

PIAA Outdoor Events: Spectator Decorum

The presence and/or the use of balloons, whistles, noise makers, megaphones, and/or portable listening devices (without earphones) are PROHIBITED! The Principal and Athletic Director of each school will be requested to confiscate these items from their cheerleaders and/or the spectators from their school and community. The use of pom-poms by cheerleaders and small portable listening devices with earphones is permitted. Spectators are prohibited from removing their shirts and/or using body paint while in attendance at District and Inter-District Championship Contests. Principals and Athletic Directors of competing schools shall announce and publicize these regulations.

The principal, athletic director, coaches, team physician, team trainer, players in uniform, managers, ball holders, and statisticians will be the only persons permitted in the team box.

Athletics Staff

Athletic Director
Anthony Pegues 
Assistant Athletic Director
Brian Veccia
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