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Enriching Our STEM Curriculum
FAHS students are given a demonstration on the density and phases of matterOn Tuesday October 17th 2017, 32 Farrell Upper Middle and High School students visited Youngstown State University on the second of the school’s five “YSU STEM Visit Day” field trips. Their visit started with a brief interactive lesson by Dr. Wim Steelant, Chemistry Professor and Dean of the College of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). The lesson, on density and the phases of matter, ended with an explosive demonstration that left everyone shocked and smiling. Students then explored two departments within the college of STEM- Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science and Information Systems (CSIS). While touring the mechanical engineering department, students conducted a lab to ascertain whether energy is neither created or destroyed (known as the law of conservation of energy). During the CSIS department visit, some students controlled a bar code reading robot and manipulated an eye reading computer program.

For lunch, Farrell students were treated to meals from several option, as they sat in the Wendy’s dining room of the Kilcawley Center casually talking and watching music videos on giant TV screens. The visit ended with a hike throughout the campus to tour the rest of YSU’s impressive facilities. Our students returned home enlightened and hopefully inspired.

Click to view a gallery of more images and video from the trip.