Keystone Tests

Keystone Exams Testing Windows 2018-2019

  • Wave 1: December 3-14, 2018 Algebra I, and Literature
  • Wave 2: January 7-18, 2019 Biology
  • May 13-24, 2019 Algebra I, Biology, Literature
The Pennsylvania Department of Education graduation requirements related to Keystone Exams will require students in the 2019-20 academic year to have reached proficiency of each of the three Keystone Exams. If a senior in the class of 2019 has not met proficiency, a project based assessment will be in place that would also allow a student to demonstrate proficiency and graduate. Students with disabilities who do not meet proficiency on Keystone Exams or portfolio but who satisfactorily complete a special education program developed by an IEP program team will also graduate.
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