PIAA Press Release Regarding Coronavirus

For Immediate Release: March 12, 2020
PIAA Board of Directors decided this morning by a unanimous vote to suspend the PIAA basketball and AA boys’ and girls’ swimming and diving championships for minimally a two week period. The AAA swimming and diving championships at Bucknell University have been truncated with limited spectators and will conclude at the end of today’s mid-afternoon diving session. The Board of Directors, in consultation with various health departments, believes this action is in the best interest of our member schools, their student-athletes, sports officials and the general public.  
PIAA, by enforcing a two–week hiatus from our basketball and AA swimming championships, believes this action will allow schools time to perform self-assessments and make decisions to promote optimal health conditions in their communities.
PIAA Executive Director, Dr. Robert A. Lombardi, stated; “The Board of Directors’ are committed to promoting an environment of healthy athletic competition that is consistent with current health department and the Center for the Disease Control guidelines.” The PIAA Sports Medicine Committee will be meeting this weekend for further discussion.  
Modifications to the tournaments will include limiting team and spectator parties, health re-certification by authorized medical professionals and changes to game day procedures. Additional direction to competing schools will be provided over the coming days in consultation with school administrators, local, state health and governmental authorities.

PIAA Outdoor Events: Spectator Decorum

The presence and/or the use of balloons, whistles, noise makers, megaphones, and/or portable listening devices (without earphones) are PROHIBITED! The Principal and Athletic Director of each school will be requested to confiscate these items from their cheerleaders and/or the spectators from their school and community. The use of pom-poms by cheerleaders and small portable listening devices with earphones is permitted. Spectators are prohibited from removing their shirts and/or using body paint while in attendance at District and Inter-District Championship Contests. Principals and Athletic Directors of competing schools shall announce and publicize these regulations.

The principal, athletic director, coaches, team physician, team trainer, players in uniform, managers, ball holders, and statisticians will be the only persons permitted in the team box.

Athletics Staff

Athletic Director
Anthony Pegues 
Assistant Athletic Director
Brian Veccia
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